We have been introduced to an amazing new product in the salon this week.



Developed by the company Wow who gave us the root touch up mineral powders last year which have been a massive success, dreamcoat can be used on all hair types and is designed to fight against humidity.

With heat activated polymers it coats the hair with an invisible waterproof cloak that makes it smooth, silky and free from humidity for up to 3 washes!

To Use:

Simply shampoo and condition hair as normal, once towel dried spray over hair before using any other products, then blow dry in to the hair.



Solar Helio-Spray

This water resistant protection spray is ideal for all hair types for protection in the sun.

With UV protecting filters this spray is extremely ideal for when in the sun for a long period of time, it is a non greasy feel and can protect the hair from colour fade, sun damage, chlorine, sea salt and may other aspects when holidaying.

Regularly spritz the helio spray in your hair throughout the day when exposed to the sun.


Solar Sealing Cream

If you have coarse or frizzy hair that you find extremely difficult to control in the summer or when on holiday in the sun, then this product can really benefit you.

The Solar Sealing cream is designed for sun and water exposed hair or if the hair is difficult to comb through after washing because it is coarse.

Use this product daily when on holiday in between getting in and out of the pool to help smooth and nourish the hair.



Perms Myths Dispelled

Perms are not the frizzy poodle pom poms that instill fear in the hearts of many who hear the word perm. Many people who have a perm are not grannies, they range from 15 year old boys, gents of any age to create lift and directional movement on top. That smart gent in a suit you passed in the street with immaculate hair, short at the sides and back and swept up could well have a loose body perm. The lady at the checkout with casual waves may have a wash and wear perm, with gentle curls down to her shoulder. And yes, probably your Nan does have a firm curly perm to assist her fine hair to remain in its chosen style of set or blow dry all week. So the perm really still has a great part to play in modern hairdressing. Once your perm is done, it should last from 12 weeks up to 6 months, depending on how often you have your hair cut. We recommend leaving at least 2.5 hours for your salon visit depending on the length of your hair. If you are having a specialist perm on long hair such as a spiral perm which creates a spring curl, it will take much longer. The results of perm work can be stunning. Book in for a consultation and open your mind to the endless possibilities of the many looks of perming.

Carole Wilson.

Solar Sun Oil

This product is fantastic if you are going to be spending some serious time in the sun this year. It is infused with UV filters to help protect your hair.

The moisture given off from this product when regularly used will help protect colour and restore keratin in the hair.

Apply a generous amount through the mid lengths and ends during sun exposure and after washing hair. Alternatively a small amount can be applied through dry hair to help tame fly aways.


Looking after you and your wig this summer

After this week, I’m sure we’ve all seen what the summer might hold for us. BBQs, going to the beach or sitting in the garden. Whatever it is, while you’re enjoying yourself, it is important to remember to take care of your wig and to be careful yourself. Here are some points to remember:

  • Wear a hat with a large brim if you’re outside without your wig on. It is important to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes.
  • Sit in the shade when wearing your wig as you might overheat and wearing a hat over your piece can cause damage to the fibres.
  • Wear a high factor sunscreen. You might have been able to handle the sun previously,  but your skin has heightened sensitivity throughout chemotherapy treatment and is more easily burnt.
  • If it is a fibre wig you have, the Soften n Sheen conditioner is more important now than ever. It will help to prevent any frizzing caused by the heat.
  • If it is a human hair wig you have, a leave in conditioning and hydrating spray is a must to keep the hair moisturised, free from split ends and shiny.


In our wig studio we have a wide range of products to help you this summer. We stock Christine Headwear who have a large selection of pieces ranging from light linen scarfs and fabulous straw hats with UPV 50+, to vibrant turbans. All Christine Headwear products are made from natural materials such as bamboo-viscose, linen and cotton, because a sensitive scalp needs special and comfortable protection. We also stock the Seavite range with products such as Purifying & Volumising Shampoo, Revitalising Bath & Shower Gel and Soothing and Replinishing Face Cream.

Have fun and keep safe this summer!


Prom Hair

Who wouldn’t want to look absolutely fabulous on the night of their prom? That’s why we make sure every detail is perfect for the big night!

The best thing for anyone to do when having their hair done for prom is to bring any inspiration you have found with you to show your stylist. We take everything in to consideration! The colour and style of your dress, any pictures you bring in with you, any accessories you would like us to use, but most importantly we want you to love it! Anything from curling and straightening, half up half down or up-do’s! Everything will be discussed in your consultation with the stylist that will be looking after you from start to finish.

Here’s some of our top tips for prepping your hair before coming in to the salon!

  • Wash your hair the day before your appointment (unless it is very hot or you feel like your hair needs washing!)
  • Try and avoid using conditioner as your hair is manipulated a lot easier when conditioner is not used.
  • Always wear a zip or button up top to avoid getting tangled up trying to get a top off without ruining your hair!
  • Bring any pictures you have used for inspiration with you so your stylist can see what it is you have in mind.
  • Bring any accessories you would like in your hair with you, we can put them in for you!
  • If you are having make up done as well, try and do your base before getting your hair done! You can then do all the special features after!
  • Let us know the style and colour of your dress! We can then style your hair to emphasise your dress and all the small details!
  • In terms of makeup, try and avoid using a moisturiser with built in SPF!
  • Be prepared for plenty of Kirby grips, hair bands and a lot of hairspray!

For any more information or to book a consultation, feel free to give us a call!

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