Prom Hair

Who wouldn’t want to look absolutely fabulous on the night of their prom? That’s why we make sure every detail is perfect for the big night!

The best thing for anyone to do when having their hair done for prom is to bring any inspiration you have found with you to show your stylist. We take everything in to consideration! The colour and style of your dress, any pictures you bring in with you, any accessories you would like us to use, but most importantly we want you to love it! Anything from curling and straightening, half up half down or up-do’s! Everything will be discussed in your consultation with the stylist that will be looking after you from start to finish.

Here’s some of our top tips for prepping your hair before coming in to the salon!

  • Wash your hair the day before your appointment (unless it is very hot or you feel like your hair needs washing!)
  • Try and avoid using conditioner as your hair is manipulated a lot easier when conditioner is not used.
  • Always wear a zip or button up top to avoid getting tangled up trying to get a top off without ruining your hair!
  • Bring any pictures you have used for inspiration with you so your stylist can see what it is you have in mind.
  • Bring any accessories you would like in your hair with you, we can put them in for you!
  • If you are having make up done as well, try and do your base before getting your hair done! You can then do all the special features after!
  • Let us know the style and colour of your dress! We can then style your hair to emphasise your dress and all the small details!
  • In terms of makeup, try and avoid using a moisturiser with built in SPF!
  • Be prepared for plenty of Kirby grips, hair bands and a lot of hairspray!

For any more information or to book a consultation, feel free to give us a call!

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Solar Hydro Repair

Keeping your hair balanced, hydrated and well looked after in the sun is extremely important. Once you have used a cleansing shampoo; use the conditioner to help repair sun damage and improve combability instantly.

This product also helps provide any damage lost through chlorine and seas salt, with the helio restore complex that is UV filters and avocado oil.

We recommend that this product is left on the hair for at least 30 seconds before rinsing to get the best results.


Solar Shampoo

Protecting your hair and skin is very important when on holiday. Making sure all of the chlorine and the effects from the beach are out of your hair everyday can really help you out when it comes to styling your hair for the evening.

The system professional Solar Shampoo is a hair and body cleanser aimed at anyone who leads an active outdoor lifestyle or holidays often.

It is designed to moisture the hair removing any salt or chlorine residue left on the hair. It is equally just as effective on the skin helping to remove any sun cream residue.



For anyone with coarse hair that is hard to tame, the system professional smoothen range is for you.

If your curly hair feels dry, frizzy and lacks control; the ingredients infused in this range help manage all of the above.

The line actively nourishes the hair and protects the hair from the outer layer. Avocado oil helps smooth and protect against dryness.

Cashmere extract helps to provide suppleness and nourishment with extra softening polymers to help create a soft hair feel.

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It is so important to keep your hair hydrated this time of year. Coming into the summer months can take a real toll on our hair, we seem to be going out more so are most likely using more electricals on our hair, the sun fades our colour so we are dying it more often and we are having some kind of summer holiday which again can take affect on our hair.

The System Professional Hydrate range is perfect for keeping your normal to dry hair balanced with hydration. The line has been designed with a formamoist complex providing the hair with long term moisture which helps enhance shine.

Throughout the year during changing seasons, we notice our skin can become dry hence why we moisturise. We wouldn’t leave our skin to get dryer-

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especially our faces and our hair is just as important, we may not be able to see or feel that it is dry however just putting the straighteners over it once can dry the ends out.


Moroccan Oil Summer Set

For anyone who hasn’t been walking around with their eyes shut for the last 5 or 6 years, then you should be extremely familiar with our salons most popular and favorite product that is

Infused with Argan Oil and shine boosting vitamins, Moroccan oil was crowned winner of the Ultimate Hair Hydrator 2016.

The Moroccan Oil treatment also helps detangle hair, speed up drying time, adds immense moisture and smooths hair cuticle from root to tip.

To kick start the holiday season, we are excited to have the perfect travel sets which include a 100ml sized oil treatment and mini shampoo and conditioner which come free.


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Silver Shampoo

If you are a blonde, then this is the perfect time of year to start using a Silver Shampoo on your hair.

The new System Professional Silver Shampoo targets people who are blonde or regularly colour their hair, especially with bleach.

If you are finding lately that your cool/grey/blonde tones are starting to fade and feel a bit dull, then this cool reflection shampoo will help brighten your hair back up. Its anti-yellow effect and blue pigments in the ingredients neutralize out any yellow/orange tones, leaving it cool and even throughout.

Most people find in the summer their bleached/blonde hair stays a lot brighter this is due to the sun lightening it and maintaining the colour. Starting to use a silver shampoo now will encourage the cooler tones throughout the summer.

If your hair is bleached we would recommend using the shampoo every third wash, if its naturally blonde/silver then we recommend using it every wash.