How To Look After Menopausal and Thinning Hair

Theres no escape for any female. At some point in all our lives ladies, we are going to be going through ‘the menopause’ with the most common symptons being:

  • hot flushes
  • night sweats
  • headaches
  • hair thinning

Hairloss in women is because of a hormonal imbalance. However luckily for us, hairloss in women is more subtle than in men.

So, to help anyone of you in need of some advice here are our guidelines to maintaining the best out of your hair while going through the ‘change’

  1. Wash your hair 3 times a week with Nioxin Shampoo: put the Nioxin shampoo on your hair neat, massage and leave for 5 mins.
  2. Rinse off and re-shampoo with the Seavite Shampoo.
  3. Rinse off and apply the Moroccan Oil Conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends
  4. Once towel dried style with SP Perfect Hair and Moroccan Oil Treatment

Adjusting these things into your lifestyle can really encourage your hair to grow:

  • A handful of walnuts and brazil nuts a day
  • 3 x Avocados in your diet a week
  • Upping your intake of iron with carbohydrates like broccoli, spinach, kale and cabbage
  • Eat some seabass once a week
  • Take a follic acid tablet once a day





Step Into Christmas….

We have got some great Moroccan Oil Christmas Gift Sets in the salon this year to accommodate every hair type.

Image result for Moroccan Oil Styling Tools

There are 4 different types of mini travel kits they are Smooth, Volume, Repair and Hydrate.

Smooth: Includes 70ml smooth shampoo and conditioner, 75ml smoothing mask and 25ml Moroccan Oil.

Volume: Includes 70ml volume shampoo and conditioner, 75ml hydration mask and 25ml Moroccan Oil Light.

Repair: Includes 70ml moisture repair shampoo and conditioner, 75ml restorative hair mask and 25ml Moroccan Oil.

Hydrating: Includes 70ml hydrating shampoo and conditioner, 75ml hydrating mask, 25ml Moroccan Oil.

The other 2 types of luxury gift sets we have include a volume and a smoothing these are,

Smooth: 250ml smooth shampoo and conditioner, 75ml smooth mask and 25ml Moroccan Oil

Repair: Includes 100ml Moroccan Oil, 75ml Illuminating hairspray and 250ml root boost spray.

Stock is limited and these sets always sell out extremely quickly pop by the salon to find out more.

“Dear Barber” Hair Products is now at Christos Hair Newport Pagnell

Isaac @ Christos Master Barber is happy to recommend this hair/skin & scalp range – just for the guys.unknown-4unknown-6

Mark, Cad & Isaac invite you all to drop in and try this great new range ; prices from £6.95 to £9.95.

Smells great – most important, ‘does what it says on the tin’. Our lady stylists Kellie, Carol,Tania,Tamsyn & Kirsty tried it out on our clients on Saturday – with brilliant results.

“This one is for you”

CHRISTOS is very happy to announce the arrival of an amazing NEW range of STYLING and GROOMING products which have been created specifically for YOU.

“DEAR BARBER” has two professional ranges which have something fabulous for each and every one of you to create and finish your look and leave your hair feeling awesome and smelling divine.


MATTIFIER – Creates separation with a matte finish. A strong yet flexible hold gives immediate grab whilst thickening hair’s appearance.
POMADE – Perfect for a medium smooth hold with high shine and flexibility. Controls even curly and frizzy hair.images-4
FIBRE – Provides a strong long lasting hold. It’s mega-elastic fibre technology shapes and sculpts hair to support even extreme styles.
SHAPING CREAM – Designed to give flexible hold to both textured and smooth styles whilst giving a soft “product free” feel. Suitable for course and heavy hair.

All 4 styling products have been formulated to give you “AN INDIVIDUAL PERFECT STYLE” whilst leaving your hair not only feeling divine and smelling irresistible but also leaving your hair “RESIDUE FREE” so NO MORE WHITE FLAKY BITS.


BEARD OIL – For soft smooth whiskers with a healthy shine. Contains Argon, Almond and Coconut oil.
MOUSTACHE WAX – Soft and workable for flexible styling which sets with a firm hold. Contains Oat, Jojoba and Argon oils to condition hair and skin.
SHAVE OIL – Soothing and non-greasy and leaves skin soft to the touch. Contains nourishing Almond, grape seed and Tea Tree oils. Improves razor glide for a smooth finish.
SHAVE CREAM (BISCUIT) – A rich lathering cream promotes a close and silky shave. Ideal for use with a shaving brush or for hand application. Lubricates the skin protecting the face more efficiently than other gels or creams.

“DEAR BARBER” range is at the forefront of a revolution in the modern urban man’s values in his grooming habits and in his life.images-2

Also available in the range we have a SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER which are designed to boost hair condition and reduce static. It will tame unruly hair and soften and protect dry damaged hair leaving a healthy shine.

Come along and try it for yourself and ask your barber/stylist for more details about which products will meet your individual need to enable you to create the style.unknown-5

FINALLY ARRIVING SOON – FANTASTIC RANGE OF GIFT SETS which will make the perfect present for the “SPECIAL MAN” in your life.

Come in and see the range in our Newport Pagnell Salon

Brand New Seavite Shampoo

seaviteOur favourite organic range has just re-launched their in demand shampoo.

The new Seavite Purifying & Volumising shampoo is designed for anybody who has any irritation on their scalp. This includes, people with dry or sensitive scalps, or anyone who has recently lost their hair due to medical treatment as it works to cleanse the scalp


Organic seaweed extract, nourishing plant oils and powerful antioxidants are just a few of the ingredients that help create this anti inflammatory shampoo that we love using here at the salon.

The Christos Team


Headwear & Scarves

The Spring/Summer Christine Headwear for 2016 has been launched!

For all our clients coming from the Milton Keynes NHS Trust, Bedford Hospital, Northampton Hospital, Saxon Clinic and Linford Wood Medical Center, we are excited to hear that the new collection for Christine headwear has been designed by Victoria Secret model Helena Christensen.

This beautiful collection of scarves and headwear is for clients going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or are experiencing medically induced hair loss.


These pieces are designed to allow your scalp to breathe keeping it cool or warm they are super comfortable and most importantly they look stunning.


Helena Christensen who has appeared on the cover of vogue and elle, said “Its been an honour designing these scarfs for women who suffer from serious diseases or undergo harsh treatments where they end up losing their hair.”
For an appointment to see this new collection with one of our PHC Specialists please call us on 01908 611277.

Fight the Frizz

We have been using the Brasiliana treatment on our customers for the past 5 years and have loved it but this product really showed its value when Daniella came in to have it done on her Afro Caribbean hair.

For those of you that don’t know, La Brasiliana is a keratin treatment containing collagen which can help transform the hair into a shiny, healthy state.

brasilianaDaniella, came to us with big, unruly, afro-caribbean hair, as you can see below, it is long and thick and hard for Daniella to manage. when applied to her hair, the collagen part of the la brasiliana swells the hair from the inside of the hair shaft plumping it up and making it more elastic as the hair is naturally delicate. The keratin part then smooths over where the collagen sits helping the cuticle to lay flat, smoothing the hair shaft from the follicle to the ends of the hair.

This lasts up to 4 months and will make Daniella’s hair a lot more manageable, less tangled and smoother.


For more information speak to one of our colleagues @ the salon on 01908 611277

The Christos Team

World Cancer Day

Raising money and awareness for cancer research plays a big part to every stylist that works in our salon personally and professionally.

World Cancer Day Bands

That’s why this year we are excited to be taking part in #worldcancerday on Thurs 4th Feb. We will all be wearing our cancer research t-shirts, handing out baked goodies to customers and encouraging people to donate a small amount of £2 for a unity band to show support for cancer research.

Its not just us either that are doing our bit for cancer here are a few celebs including Ant and Dec showing of their unity bands for this amazing cause 🙂

Celebrity Cancer Day Bands

So if you are in the Newport Pagnell area from now until the 7th of Feb please stop by and donate some money and claim your band, we look forward to seeing you.

unity band

The Christos Team