Silver Shampoo

If you are a blonde, then this is the perfect time of year to start using a Silver Shampoo on your hair.

The new System Professional Silver Shampoo targets people who are blonde or regularly colour their hair, especially with bleach.

If you are finding lately that your cool/grey/blonde tones are starting to fade and feel a bit dull, then this cool reflection shampoo will help brighten your hair back up. Its anti-yellow effect and blue pigments in the ingredients neutralize out any yellow/orange tones, leaving it cool and even throughout.

Most people find in the summer their bleached/blonde hair stays a lot brighter this is due to the sun lightening it and maintaining the colour. Starting to use a silver shampoo now will encourage the cooler tones throughout the summer.

If your hair is bleached we would recommend using the shampoo every third wash, if its naturally blonde/silver then we recommend using it every wash.

Alpha Energy

Next favourite product of the week: System Professionals Alpha Energy. Suitable for all hair types, great for fine and weak hair.

System Professional boasts 5 years of research to create an energising product that targets the 3 pillars of the hair; scalp, fiber and hair. This innovative energiser gives hair more fuller, manageable and visible strands from root – tip.

From just after one application the effects on the hair include; strong hair with manageability. 2 weeks on the hair will promote more strength from within. After 3 months, the inner energy of the hair is completely restored. For the scalp, a gentle and cooling effect will appear after one use. 2 weeks on, the hydro-lipid barrier is strengthened with the scalp feeling more moisturised. After 3 months the scalp feels completely rejuvenated and healthy. 

alpha energy blog

We have had some fantastic results with our customers in the salon and look forward to seeing their hair improve even more.

Trendco 2017 Collection


We are loving the new Trendco Hi Fahion 2017 collection.


The colours are stunning with lots of them being very modern and bang on trend. The wigs themselves are light and exquisitely comfortable. Two more caps have also been added to this collection; Part Mono Centre Parting and Part Mono Lace front, whilst keeping the original machine wefted and last years illusiontech lace front caps.


Here’s a look at what is new:

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Product Of The Week

The SP Color Save Shimmering Spray by Wella is the salons favourite product this week-well month really!

Since having the new and improved System Professional range in our salon we have really enjoyed using the products but have found this shimmer spray is one of the best we’ve had. The thing we love most about it? It adds sparkle as the liquid contains glitter particles that reflect against the light, so even over blonde hair you can achieve a great shine.

This product is mostly aimed at coloured or natural hair (so everyone really) but if your hair is dull and lacks shine this will give it a boost.

This non-aerosol gloss spray has anti-frizz affect, prevents fly away hairs and gives intense high shine.


New Nioxin Knowledge

Did you know that Nioxin is the No.1 Brand in the World right now for hair loss and hair thinning.

Its the key ingredients that make this product stand out from the rest. Peppermint oil is used as an antibacterial aid to really  cleanse the scalp and remove any build up. White Tea extract provides moisture balance to hair and scalp.

Alot of our patients undergoing chemotherapy are recommended onto the nioxin kits once the hair is growing back. It can take up to 3 months from the final dose of chemo for it to completely leave the body all together. it is not recommended to have a Dermabrasion for at least 6 months following the final dose.

As the hair starts to grow back, they can be put on system kits 2, 4 or 6. If chemo is causing the scalp sensitivity the Scalp Revitiliser balm can be used to sooth the scalp and can be applied as often as required.





Finally we can go into summer with these amazing new Moroccan oil texture products. Designed to help create volume, beach waves and root support.

We have been trialing out these products in the salon this week and we’re liking what we see 🙂

Firstly, we have been using the Texture Clay, its moldable ability defines and sculptures the hair to create a strong hold and matte finish. Great for the men but also for the ladies we have found a small amount on dry wavy/curled hair can roughen up the hair and make it look more casual. Ingredients include, shea butter, argan oil and bentonite clay.


Secondly, we have the Beach Wave Mousse, for long lasting beach hair at anytime of the year. It is designed to provide tousled texture while keeping the hair hydrated at the same time. We have found that the mousse needs a really good shake before using as the oil is in twined with the mousse so can come out a bit runny. For best results air-dry or diffuse hair.


Thirdly, the Dry Texture Spray is infused with argan oil it helps create effortless undone styles but with a long lasting hold. We have found that spraying it in at the roots (not too close to the scalp) can help build a foundation and a bit of grit for backcombing or hair up, if you struggle to get volume in your hair this spray will help achieve it.


Gym Bag Essentials

As we come to the 2nd month of the year, we are well in the routine of clean eating and regular exercise. But like everyone, we find February can be harder to keep you motivated then January, especially as the weather stays grey and miserable. Here are our ‘Quick Tips’ of things we carry in our gym bags to help make the ‘getting ready for work’ routine easier and quicker.

  1. Showering at the gym. If swimming it is important to use a cleansing shampoo that will remove the chlorine build up. 2 shampoos are required- this may seem like its taking up time but will benefit the hair in the long run and make life easier when it comes to styling.
  2. Moroccan Oil 25ml. The small travel size Moroccan Oil is the perfect size for a gym bag, put a small amount through your hair after it has been washed and towel dried. The argan oil in this product makes it easier to detangle the hair and takes off 40% of the drying time-this can definitely speed up getting ready.
  3. The Wet Brush. Mostly to benefit longer hair; the bristles on this brush are much softer than others so will go through the hair better without pulling, this will avoid trying to use a comb through the tangles.
  4. For Men. The SP Gentle Shampoo is a must have as it is a shampoo and shower gel in one this saves packing 2 separate products. Our Dear Barber products are easy and simple to use to style your hair aswell.
  5. Hairbands, kirby grips and crocodile clips. These are essential for making life easier when getting ready in the morning. Crocodile clips can be used to section the hair when styling and also clip any fringes out the way when applying make up. Hairbands can be great if you do not want to style your hair and also keeping hair out of the way in the shower if you just need to wash a fringe or not wash your hair at all.
  6. Easy to apply make up! Most of us at the salon have our eyelashes done so this definitely takes off the mascara time, we find the eye power is great for quickly applying eyebrows which doesn’t leave much else to do!

Finally….Breakfast: If you have a busy job like us where you are on the go and constantly standing, we find it is very beneficial to have a high protein breakfast like an omelette with bacon, or a protein shake and banana, any food that adds fuel to the body and is slowly releasing energy is great for us hairdressers.

Its all about finding a routine that suits you and sticking to it! Here’s to the next healthy month 🙂 🙂 🙂