Solar Shampoo

Protecting your hair and skin is very important when on holiday. Making sure all of the chlorine and the effects from the beach are out of your hair everyday can really help you out when it comes to styling your hair for the evening.

The system professional Solar Shampoo is a hair and body cleanser aimed at anyone who leads an active outdoor lifestyle or holidays often.

It is designed to moisture the hair removing any salt or chlorine residue left on the hair. It is equally just as effective on the skin helping to remove any sun cream residue.




It is so important to keep your hair hydrated this time of year. Coming into the summer months can take a real toll on our hair, we seem to be going out more so are most likely using more electricals on our hair, the sun fades our colour so we are dying it more often and we are having some kind of summer holiday which again can take affect on our hair.

The System Professional Hydrate range is perfect for keeping your normal to dry hair balanced with hydration. The line has been designed with a formamoist complex providing the hair with long term moisture which helps enhance shine.

Throughout the year during changing seasons, we notice our skin can become dry hence why we moisturise. We wouldn’t leave our skin to get dryer-

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especially our faces and our hair is just as important, we may not be able to see or feel that it is dry however just putting the straighteners over it once can dry the ends out.


Headwear & Scarves

The Spring/Summer Christine Headwear for 2016 has been launched!

For all our clients coming from the Milton Keynes NHS Trust, Bedford Hospital, Northampton Hospital, Saxon Clinic and Linford Wood Medical Center, we are excited to hear that the new collection for Christine headwear has been designed by Victoria Secret model Helena Christensen.

This beautiful collection of scarves and headwear isĀ for clients going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or are experiencing medically induced hair loss.


These pieces are designed to allow your scalp to breathe keeping it cool or warm they are super comfortable and most importantly they look stunning.


Helena Christensen who has appeared on the cover of vogue and elle, said “Its been an honour designing these scarfs for women who suffer from serious diseases or undergo harsh treatments where they end up losing their hair.”
For an appointment to see this new collection with one of our PHC Specialists please call us on 01908 611277.