Prom Hair

Who wouldn’t want to look absolutely fabulous on the night of their prom? That’s why we make sure every detail is perfect for the big night!

The best thing for anyone to do when having their hair done for prom is to bring any inspiration you have found with you to show your stylist. We take everything in to consideration! The colour and style of your dress, any pictures you bring in with you, any accessories you would like us to use, but most importantly we want you to love it! Anything from curling and straightening, half up half down or up-do’s! Everything will be discussed in your consultation with the stylist that will be looking after you from start to finish.

Here’s some of our top tips for prepping your hair before coming in to the salon!

  • Wash your hair the day before your appointment (unless it is very hot or you feel like your hair needs washing!)
  • Try and avoid using conditioner as your hair is manipulated a lot easier when conditioner is not used.
  • Always wear a zip or button up top to avoid getting tangled up trying to get a top off without ruining your hair!
  • Bring any pictures you have used for inspiration with you so your stylist can see what it is you have in mind.
  • Bring any accessories you would like in your hair with you, we can put them in for you!
  • If you are having make up done as well, try and do your base before getting your hair done! You can then do all the special features after!
  • Let us know the style and colour of your dress! We can then style your hair to emphasise your dress and all the small details!
  • In terms of makeup, try and avoid using a moisturiser with built in SPF!
  • Be prepared for plenty of Kirby grips, hair bands and a lot of hairspray!

For any more information or to book a consultation, feel free to give us a call!

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