Silver Shampoo

If you are a blonde, then this is the perfect time of year to start using a Silver Shampoo on your hair.

The new System Professional Silver Shampoo targets people who are blonde or regularly colour their hair, especially with bleach.

If you are finding lately that your cool/grey/blonde tones are starting to fade and feel a bit dull, then this cool reflection shampoo will help brighten your hair back up. Its anti-yellow effect and blue pigments in the ingredients neutralize out any yellow/orange tones, leaving it cool and even throughout.

Most people find in the summer their bleached/blonde hair stays a lot brighter this is due to the sun lightening it and maintaining the colour. Starting to use a silver shampoo now will encourage the cooler tones throughout the summer.

If your hair is bleached we would recommend using the shampoo every third wash, if its naturally blonde/silver then we recommend using it every wash.