Alpha Energy

Next favourite product of the week: System Professionals Alpha Energy. Suitable for all hair types, great for fine and weak hair.

System Professional boasts 5 years of research to create an energising product that targets the 3 pillars of the hair; scalp, fiber and hair. This innovative energiser gives hair more fuller, manageable and visible strands from root – tip.

From just after one application the effects on the hair include; strong hair with manageability. 2 weeks on the hair will promote more strength from within. After 3 months, the inner energy of the hair is completely restored. For the scalp, a gentle and cooling effect will appear after one use. 2 weeks on, the hydro-lipid barrier is strengthened with the scalp feeling more moisturised. After 3 months the scalp feels completely rejuvenated and healthy. 

alpha energy blog

We have had some fantastic results with our customers in the salon and look forward to seeing their hair improve even more.