Quiff It Up

The Quiff has been one of the most popular mens haircuts to sport over the last couple of years with many modern variations from the classic James Dean quiff we all know of.

Here are our favorite quiffs and tips on how to style them.

Classic: Make sure your stylist keeps the hair long on the top than the back and sides this will insure you get the required look. It doesn’t matter how short the back and sides go, obviously the shorter you go and the more length that remains on top the more dramatic it will look. Once dried use clay or fiber style products to help put in place.


Short: Use a hairdryer and your fingers to dry the hair up to help get volume, then using a small amount of clay, mold into shape. Hairspray can give longevity to this style.


Side Partings: Using a comb, put the parting into place, use a small round brush to dry the hair in desired direction then add some pomade onto the hair to give it that neat slick peaky blinder look.


Long: Where the hair is fuller through the back and sides, mousse can be used when the hair is wet to achieve volume, then use a denman brush with the hairdryer to direct all of the hair back to get the height with a moulding/creamy style wax scrunched into the hair for a messy approach or spray gel through the hair to smooth.


Our barbers recommend the Dear Barber products to help create all of the above looks. You can come into our salon to find out more about these products.