Energy Code Your Hair

We have been having lots of fun over the last few months testing out and trying the new updated System Professional range from wella.

The thing we love most about it? It has a unique profile that determines, hair condition, elasticity and porosity, once this information has been put into the app each client will get their own personal energy code recommending what products will best suit their hair requirements. There are over 174 million possible outcomes making this a very bespoke hair care regime.

All of the products have remained in their categories which are:

  • Balance, with its exclusive dermacain complex, balance relaxes the scalp protecting it against irritation and letting it form a protective barrier.
  • Purify, this line helps to combat dandruff, with zinc pyrithione and witch hazel extract to reduce inflammations and sooth the scalp.
  • Color Save, with the fibrochrome complex to maintain the luminosity of coloured hair and protect the cuticle, beeswax and uv filter help to prevent damage from uv lights and build a color loss barrier.
  • Repair, designed to make hair more resistant and improve combability, hydrolized keratin and amino tsp help to restore the internal structure of the hair and nourish and protect.
  • Luxe Oil, includes 3 luxury nurturing oils; almond, argan and jojoba to create liquid luxury for all hair types.
  • Solar, uv filters and avocado oil helps the hair withstand uv rays for longer.
  • Hydrate, the best ingredients are used to help hydrate your hair, these include; glycerine, glucose and fructose for moisture balance and to prevent the hair growing out.
  • Volumize, this line promotes formastrength which is a combination of creatine, bamboo extract and polymers to perfrom stregnth, stability and a lightweight protective film
  • Smoothen, with cashmere extract and softening polymers, smoothen actively nourishes the hair protecting it from drying out
  • Extra, these include the silver shampoo to help gold tones turn to ash and other high performance results with wellas high technologies to make your hair feel and look its healthiest.