Headwear & Scarves

The Spring/Summer Christine Headwear for 2016 has been launched!

For all our clients coming from the Milton Keynes NHS Trust, Bedford Hospital, Northampton Hospital, Saxon Clinic and Linford Wood Medical Center, we are excited to hear that the new collection for Christine headwear has been designed by Victoria Secret model Helena Christensen.

This beautiful collection of scarves and headwear is for clients going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or are experiencing medically induced hair loss.


These pieces are designed to allow your scalp to breathe keeping it cool or warm they are super comfortable and most importantly they look stunning.


Helena Christensen who has appeared on the cover of vogue and elle, said “Its been an honour designing these scarfs for women who suffer from serious diseases or undergo harsh treatments where they end up losing their hair.”
For an appointment to see this new collection with one of our PHC Specialists please call us on 01908 611277.