Fight the Frizz

We have been using the Brasiliana treatment on our customers for the past 5 years and have loved it but this product really showed its value when Daniella came in to have it done on her Afro Caribbean hair.

For those of you that don’t know, La Brasiliana is a keratin treatment containing collagen which can help transform the hair into a shiny, healthy state.

brasilianaDaniella, came to us with big, unruly, afro-caribbean hair, as you can see below, it is long and thick and hard for Daniella to manage. when applied to her hair, the collagen part of the la brasiliana swells the hair from the inside of the hair shaft plumping it up and making it more elastic as the hair is naturally delicate. The keratin part then smooths over where the collagen sits helping the cuticle to lay flat, smoothing the hair shaft from the follicle to the ends of the hair.

This lasts up to 4 months and will make Daniella’s hair a lot more manageable, less tangled and smoother.


For more information speak to one of our colleagues @ the salon on 01908 611277

The Christos Team