The ‘WOW’ Factor

ImageWe’ve all been amazed this week by this fabulous new product that’s left us and our customers extremely excited and pre-ordering the new innovative way of covering roots and blending in grey roots without using hair dye.

The Wow Root Cover Up is the perfect product to camouflage our roots for that last minute night out we all plan but forget that our roots are starting to show. Presented in the form of a powder, Wow cover up looks like an eyeshadow compact complete with an applicator brush; it is quick and simple to use:

  • Apply to dry hair
  • Fast & Easy, no mess
  • Water resistant, lasts from shampoo to shampoo
  • Perfect results in under a minute
  • 60 Application Kit
  • Colour your hair less often

The best thing about Cover Wow is that it retains the hairs natural shine and takes away any oil at the root of the hair so it doesn’t look greasy. Most people that colour their hair blonde or red find that as their roots start to come through their scalp becomes more greasy quickly. Another thing we love about the Wow cover up is that it is waterproof meaning once applied it can only be removed when the hair is next shampooed.

The best way to use this product:

Start with dry/styled hair, apply to roots starting at the scalp and working out, repeat until roots disappear, then apply to temples and other grey hair as needed. The customers that have already purchased the Wow cover up are declaring it as a must have in our beauty regime.