Tips to create a great haircut.

haircutGetting your hair cut can be quite a scary thing. For many people a hairdresser’s is as bad as visiting the dentist and like the dentist we have all had unpleasant experiences!

For women, finding the right hairdresser is as important as finding the right foundation for your face! To achieve the perfect cut follow these tips when at the salon:

  • Forget the rules about your age and face shape- if it’s a good cut it will suit you!
  • Take a picture of how you want your hair to look, even if it is a picture of you or a friend or celebrity to give the hairdresser a rough idea…if they are a good hairdresser they will then elaborate and give advice to what they think will work for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your hairdresser in detail how much time you have to spend and how you style your hair that way they will be able to judge if the hair cut you require will work for you.
  • Haircuts and colours need to sync with your personality so when you visit the salon wear your favourite heels or lipstick to show your stylist the type of person you are.

At our salon we always make sure that our consultations are thorough and we encourage new customers to come in for a consultation a couple of days before their appointments so we can have a look at their hair and discuss what they would like to have done. Finding the right hairdresser is a priority!!