Hair Extensions – Everyone is loving them, but how do you maintain them?

Everyone knows and will probably agree, that it’s the end result of their hair that they are most concerned about, even though there could be lots of underline problems with the condition of the hair and scalp. Another concern from having the pre-bonded extensions is racoon_newport_pagnell_christosthat we normally loose about 50-100 hairs a day, however if the hair at the root is bonded, it isn’t going to properly get brushed which means the hair that is falling out is going to stay within the bond; this then causes mattes, as the loose hair starts wrapping itself around other hair’s, even sleeping on them can cause them to get tangled, again causing lots more pressure to the hair when the tangles are getting combed out. Colouring and fashioning the hair into style everyday also doesn’t help.


It is true that the constant wearing of extensions can cause traction alopecia where the hair envelops in a circle around the actual bond of the hair extension where the root is too stressed from having the added weight of not only the bond, but the hair itself.

But it is not just pre-bonded hair extensions that can cause traction alopecia. Clip in extensions can be just as bad. As the clips are mostly metal, having them constantly rubbing on the scalp in the same spot everyday can make the hair get weaker causing it to fall out. This may not notice as quick as it would with the pre-bonded extensions, but over a long period of time it can. (A friend of mine experienced this, after clipping her extensions in her hair every day in the same place for a year, she got a bold patch on either side of her scalp where the metal clip had been pulling and rubbing against it, once she realised and took the extensions out the hair eventually grew back but took a good year to do so). The start of this is the hair follicles becomes weaker, and then add brushing and styling everyday causes the hair to fall out.

Unfortunately there is no medical treatment that can help with traction alopecia, the best way to cure it is the obvious, by taking the extensions out, giving the hair a break and letting it become stronger, usually, hair feels finer after extensions come out because all of the hair that should have come out over the period of time having them in comes out at once when it is all properly brushed through.

Once hair extensions are out:

  • Make sure to get the ends of the hair regularly cut every 6-8 weeks, this will help it to grow and thicken it up
  • Use products like Moroccanoil to help strengthen the hair and add moisture back into it, look for an oil that contains vitamin E, this helps the circulation of the scalp encouraging the bulb of the hair to grow quicker.
  • If hair feels fine for the 1st couple of weeks without extensions try Nioxin products, they contain ingredients like cystine amino acids which help provide thicker looking hair and reducing hair loss by strengthening against damage and breakage.

It is best to give the hair a couple of months rest although you are guaranteed to miss the extra added hair especially the length if you were wearing it longer it is for the best to leave your hair alone for a couple of months be good to it and then put your extensions back in when your stylist feels your hair is in a good enough condition.